KURUME BEAN Coffee Export & Consult was established since 2017 by Adugna Shore, who is Coffee professional and dedicated to link the coffee farmers directly with coffee Importers/roasters abroad. Starting Aug/2017 based on coffee quality control & marketing proclamation no 1050/2017, Ethiopian coffee trading policy has been revised to let farmers to export there lots directly.


  • To see the small scale coffee farmers, the local suppliers & the final coffee buyers/Roasters @win-win situation.
  • To  assist the country coffee producers to reach to the maximized coffee quality and quantity per hectare of farm lands
  • To ever increase the number of coffee farmers, the local suppliers  as well as specialty coffee buyer customers in this system
  • Realizing farm to cup trading with traceable source

Our Key Development

  • Trust build-up (being traceable source)
  • Assisting the farmers and the local suppliers  to add values for their products

The Founder of Kurume Bean Coffee Export & Consult

Adugna Shore Ourago

Born and raised at coffee growing family at rural area of Yirgacheffe, specifically Kochere-Rego. Own the following academic and work experience
  • Agronomist
  • Cupper/Working at Ethiopia Commodity Exchange for 4 years/
  • Licensed Q-grader
  • Market specialist
  • 16 years’ work experience on coffee quality and trading

Our Products

KURUME BEAN has been established its own dry coffee processing station at rural area of Yirgacheffe region, Gedeb- Banko Tatatu.

Natural Coffee

  • Yirgachefe Grade1-Grade 5
  • Sidamo Grade 1-Grade 5
  • Guji Grade 1-Grade 5

Washed Coffee

  • Yirgachefe Grade1
  • Sidamo Grade 1
  • Guji Grade 1

Deliver on Time

Most farmers prepare nature (unwashed) Coffee by drying red cherries on raised beds. They have their own store which is used to store the dried pods until moving to primary hulling warehouse. After drying process finished the coffee will moved to primary hulling houses found at “Gedeb”, “Yirgacheffe” and “Kochore”  ‘’Chire’’ and “Bensa”. Finally just after having sells contract the lots transported to Addis Ababa Export coffee processing warehouse to be processed & packed according to the buyers’ specification

Our Customers

We are selling above 10(ten) 20ft containers yearly, except that the COVID 19 pandemic and worldwide economic recession impaired for some amount. We are still selling for:

  • Royal Coffee Inc.(USA)
  • Crop to Cup Importers – USA
  • Trabocca Bv. (The Netherlands)
  • Volcafe Ltd ( USA & Switzerland)
  • Louis Derfus Company (Switzerland)
  • Ama El Aroma ltd etc..