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Services By Kurume Bean Coffee

Training Service

Consultancy Service

Transportation Service

Quality Control

The main quality control starts from the pre harvest time to end of dried cherry storage at the farmers’ temporary store. After settling of dried cherries it transported to the local mill mostly found at the surrounding town. This is a critical quality control time in order to produce high quality which can fulfill the market need and sustains our business.

This is implemented October to January. Next to this the coffees must have to be hulled, handpicked and prepared for transportation to Addis Ababa warehouse. But the hulling of coffee precedes the receiving of purchase contract, unless otherwise it could not be hulled to avoid quality deterioration. Since our plan is to offer the samples until the June this work has to be done until the end of June. So the total quality control time is to be November to June.

Market promotion

All activities persuading the customers to buy the clients coffee are undertaken. All the elements of market promotion mix, advertising (using social media, sending free samples). Sales promotion, publicity, public relations and displays in international coffee exhibition and conferences are implemented.

  • The Implementation period is through the whole year.
  • The concerned personnel from KURUME BEAN Coffee export consult plc Coffee export consult plc, the G,manager.
  • Implies the high use of internet packages.
  • Needs international travel and/or full invitation of potential buyers from the abroad.
  • Free sample sending via DHL